21 daYS of prayer and fasting

On January 9th-29th we enter our prayer and fasting period. We take time to seek God and His presence together. We invite you to participate in the way you feel called to and are able to based on health.

Prayer and fasting is about making active choices that create space for us to encounter Jesus. We reduce the noise, slow down the pace, set aside time and give up what is important to us in order to draw closer to Him who is most important. Some do it by cutting out or changing their eating habits. Others do it by taking more time for prayer and Bible reading. We trade old habits for habits that draw us closer to God. What habits do you need to adopt during these 3 weeks?

Welcome to join us on this journey! More information can be found here below.

When you can join us for prayer


Prayer room

We have an open prayer room in Playset (Floor 1) during the day (mon-fri) between 09.00-17.00. At 18.00 we gather together and pray. 

If you’d wish to come during the day, please contact us below so we can let you in. 


Joint prayer in Church

Every Tuesday and Thursday night at 18.00 you are welcome to join us in the main hall to pray together. 

This is how you can join

We would like to stand together in this period of prayer and fasting and support and encourage each other. You are warmly welcome to participate in our various prayer sessions or contact us to join the prayer room. The great thing about doing it together is precisely that you are never alone in your journey. There are hundreds of others, both in CKS, CCI and in Uganda Kampala (CCK) doing the same thing. In addition to these gatherings, we would like to invite you to gather together with friends, Citygroup, family or the team you serve with in the church to pray for what is closest to your heart.

For families

During these three weeks of prayer and fasting, we as a congregation want to offer an example of how to hold devotion as a family. We have gathered a material for each week that you can use. On Sunday, we will go through the same theme and think that this can become something nice, that as a family and the larger church family, we can do these devotions together. Would you like to take part of the material? It will be available on Sundays, or you can send an email below and we will send it over to you. God bless you!

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