CHRISTmas gift 2021 

Every year we as a church collect a Christmas gift to our different missions. This year we will gather a christmas gift to the work in SOHA and Pakistan. You can participate in giving a better and more hopeful christmas through your gift.

This is what you can participate in…


SOHA is planning to hold a Christmas bazaar for the children. They will collect clothes, shoes and other things that the children need that they have not been able to get because of the pandemic. They will be able to go to the bazaar, try on different things and choose what to take home. Except this SOHA wants to give the children food packages. Corona has hit hard, and many have not been able to get a meal each day. SOHA wants to make sure that no kid will go home for christmas without food. When you participate in giving this christmas you contribute to giving the children a brighter more hopeful christmas.


In Pakistan Astma and her team longs to give the poor and exposed a better Christmas. The team wants to give warm clothes to about 100 children and lunch to 215 children. They want to give elderly and widows warm clothes, medicin and food packages. They also want to give 96 food packages to the poorest families in their ministry. When you participate in giving this Christmas you contribute to giving several people, who does not have enough this winter, to have a better Christmas.



250 kr

You give a Christmas gift that is enough for one of our missions


500 kr

You give a Christmas gift that is sufficient for both missions

This is how you can give…



Indicate with “JULGÅVA”



Indicate with “JULGÅVA”

Thank you for your gift! It really does make a difference.

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