Join us for fellowship this summer


Welcome to celebrate summer together with us! In the month of July CCI will focus our attention on building fellowship between the brethren. Building the fundamentals of revival as we see in Acts 2:42-47. Praying together, sharing the word of God, breaking bread and caring for one another. Building horizontal and vertical fellowship (Fellowship with God and with brothers and sisters).

We want to practically learn how to encourage each other in word and deed. Praying for one another, acting humbly toward each other, being hospitable to one another, serving one another in spiritual and physical things, sharing grace and living at peace as a family, carrying each other’s burdens in prayer and sharing truth with each other.

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3 july 14.00 + fellowship (floor3)

10 july 14.00 + Barbeque

17 july 14.00 + fellowship (floor3)

24 july 14.00 + fellowship (floor3)

31 july 14.00 + Barbeque

7 August 14.00 + FELLOWSHIP (FLOOR3)

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