Blog entry no 7 – Rasmus

Missionary Lunch, National television and serious delays!

Hello friends!
The time is 19:15 and pitch dark in Kampala. Here at the hotel, the atmosphere is at its peak after a busy day in the sun. Showered & happy we sit at a long table on the terrace of our hotel waiting for dinner. It’s day fourth day in Uganda and I Sara Brynte is writing this blogg.

After the guided tour, snacks, lunch, the sun and spontaneous worship with bongo drums a another car drove into the yard. Some of the leaders uttered phrases like ”he’s here” and ”he’s arrived,” the tension grew. We gather in the living room and Deborah says that this man will their surprise to us. In the living room is Big Sam and his cameraman. Big Sam has a television program broadcast on Sundays, the program has 8-9 million viewers. Wilberforce, Thorvaldsson, Carol, Evelina and Dennis was interviewed and had to share what God has done and our thoughts about being in Uganda. Awesome that we will be on national TV!

After the recording we said ”goodbye” and jumped back on the bus. We left their home at 17:00 and took off towards the hotel. The journey to the hotel usually takes an hour but because of heavy traffic we were at the hotel only at 19:00. Our Love Encounter evening meeting started 18 o’clock so we were quite late. We quickly got into our rooms; changed to long pants, back out and away. We, along with Wilberforce (who would preach), arrived one hour and a half late. When we got there, they were deep in worship and there were a lot of people. It was a really good meeting with lots of joy, five healed, and a good message from Daniel Thorvaldsson and prayer intercession.

The meeting ended at 22:00. Then we have been there two and a half hours – which feels long but the congregation has been there for four (!) Hours.

Back to the hotel, munching dinner buffet and straight to bed. Now it’s Saturday and I hand over the baton to Tabitha. We are doing well in Uganda. We are excited at the Health Camp (read tomorrow) and what God will do there. God is good!

Blog entry no 6 – Ida

Home visits, prayer and live TV

It’s Thursday and Ida writing. Fatigue has now struck with full force after many intense and warm days here in Kampala. We are continuously bombarded with impressions of various kinds that really stir up a lot of us, to go home untouched from this journey is impossible.

After breakfast, we headed out into the slums to hand out food parcels, pray for the people and spread the word about Love Encounters revival meetings and health camp. We went in groups of three, with one from the CCK team that could help translate when the people we met often had very limited knowledge of English. As limited as their material prosperity, that is almost non-existent. I was struck by the openness of these people, they shared generously with others what they wrestled with both psychological and physical, and they welcomed us into see their homes. A home consists of four walls made of clay mixed with some kind of cereal on the 10 square meters of four to six people live in. Now, as its rainy season the homes get washed away at night because there is no insulation. The floors are wet- yes you can imagine, it’s not the healthiest place to live in.

We had to asked pray for many things but the most frequent prayer requests was just about economic breakthrough and break the poverty cycle. We saw people being healed of ailments of various kinds and people who got their hope back. Furthermore, in the evening after lunch we testified about what we have experienced during the delivery of food packages and then start the week’s second revival meeting. We saw several people come who had heard about Love Encounter through our distribution of food packages and the distribution of the fliers earlier in the week. It’s fun when our work is not in vain and to see that God really draws people to him. Several people took their absolute best decisions in life- to give their lives to Jesus. Praise be to God! Later, we went back to the hotel for a quick dinner and then on the road to Miracle Center to go to the night meeting where Robert Kayanja preached. We were busy on the scene and Daniel introduced us to the congregation and told them more about what we were doing in Uganda. It was impressive and strange at the same time when you realize how many people are reached by this broadcast. Someone in the class mentioned something about that it is about 45 million who watched the live broadcast of the Miracle Center- do not know if I really dare to believe it, or whether it is more about that I can not grasp that figure. At the end of the evening meeting they gave an alter call for salvation. There were many who responded and we witnessed many demonic manifestations. The manifestations appeared in a completely different level and nature than I have seen before, but it was instructive and interesting. I will never stop marvelling at how real the spiritual realm is and how important it is for people to be set free. It was a long day, and at half past four in the morning I am switching off my lights!

Praying for Sweden in Uganda #ibiosiuganda

Känslan när man är med på nationell TV i Uganda! #otippat #ibiosiuganda

Publicerat av Daniel Thorvaldsson Lördag 1 april 2017

Blog entry no 5 – Evelina

Food packages, flyers and revival meeting

Hello this is Evelina writing and it’s Wednesday.

The day began with a hearty breakfast and a ”bumpy ride” to the Church and by now starting to feel familiar. Upon arrival we were met by the team from CCK. The first hour was for team building and playing games such as whispers like- had ”vegetable salad” and ”God is a banana” and we ended with praying for the day.

After the game we divided ourselves into five groups we collected the food packages and squeezed too many people into too few vehicles. We set out for the slum area. The mission was to spread God’s love with food packages and thus opening up opportunities to share the gospel and pray for the people.

To go out on some of Kampala’s narrowest and dirtiest streets was a new experience. To be invited into the simplest of homes where seven people share the same space as my one room flat was an eye-opener. Getting to see people give their lives to God after listening to a short testimony was surprising.
The people here are starving both spiritually and physically.

After a quick lunch break, it was time for the distribution of flyers just like yesterday, ahead of tonight’s session and for the upcoming evening meetings. The bus was filled over again, and we went to a market nearby where it swarmed with people. Everybody got some flyers in hand and was asked to come back to the bus empty-handed. Just yesterday there was not a single person who did not take a flyer.

I cannot really put into words all the feelings that move me right now but it is much gratefulness. God is a good God who cares for his people….one thing that is for certain.

Blog entry no 4 – Sara

Bus & prayer & invite

Hello friends!
The time is 19:15 and pitch dark in Kampala. Here at the hotel, the atmosphere is at its peak after a busy day in the sun. Showered & happy we sit at a long table on the terrace of our hotel waiting for dinner. It’s day fourth day in Uganda and I Sara Brynte is writing this blogg.

This morning we woke up to yet another beautiful day. We have it really good here! After yesterday’s rainstorm the way to City Church Kampala was slightly bumpy, but oh so beautiful. I love that everything is so colourful here. The grass is so green, the sky so blue & the sand has a fine orange colour which is so pleasant to the eye and brings joy to my heart. We must give the bus chauffeur-Samuel credit and an applause as he take us safely through this busy traffic. They drive everywhere there is room, in both directions, creating extra road lanes all the time!. Cars, buses, mopeds, people and goats on the road. Cool & Exciting. Besides, the bus has an abnormal-capacity (quoting Evelina from this morning, ”it feels like riding on a very high horse”) The bus seats are covered in some kind of purple/ white-checked fabric with hemmed edges that reminds me of my grandm´s kitchen curtains. It is absolutely amazing and brings happiness to life. # Love the bus.

Arriving church we had prayer and worship together with the team from the CCK (City Church Kampala) and then we went on our “prayer walk in Butabika.” It was the start of the conference, which kicks off tomorrow. God has big plans for this city and we pray for freedom from all forms of poverty that keeps people imprisoned. I’m so excited to see God turn hopelessness and misery to worship and dance to break the shackles and give life in abundance. Amen.

In the afternoon, some of us stayed back in church and packed food packages that we will be distributing out later this week (Thank you! to all who contributed financially to it! You are Precious!) The rest of us jumped back in the legendary bus and went out into the town to hand out flyers. Invitations were to attend the conference “Love Encounter” that begins tomorrow. It was a fast & quick momentum – out of the bus-invite as many people as you can as we only had five minutes- did not answer yes to any “marriage proposals” and, try not to get run over (tricky when they drive on the wrong side of the road) then, back into the bus again-smelling sweaty, hug children and laugh a lot! CCK team is the world’s most welcoming, thoughtful, caring, lovely, fun people- I am so grateful to serve with them! We received many nice quick meetings with people in the town, and am hoping that many will come to the evening meeting tomorrow so we’ll meet again!

Now, the night sky is lit up by lightning, but no thunder, how strange and we wonder if this is a typically African phenomenon? l will just “Google” about it. Thank you Lord Jesus for a fantastic day, thank you for the sun and heat, thank you that you set people free and you restore us. You’re the Healer and our Rescuer. Your name is above every name. You are lord and king in Uganda. Tomorrow is a new day to your honor God! We want to live it for you & love people with your love. Butabika for Jesus!

Blog entry no 3 – Alma

Teambuilding with City Church Kampala

Hi my name is Alma and am the blogger for today. Fun Fun!
Today we had teambuilding with CCK to be ready for our love encounter project later in the week.
The day was much like a Sunday school feast-day but with adults. SUCCESS in other words!

We began with making name tags, if we had a nickname we could write it and feel free to draw something that matches with our personality. Its not been easy to pronounce their names, but still it was fun. The Kampala team had difficulties saying ”Sjö”.

Afterwards we began a “dance game” which became very intense because of the heat and because it was crowded. My conclusion is that if you want to be physically fit in Uganda, you should certainly become a Christian!

When the games and the different sessions of talks and prayer were done it started raining. So we Swedes experience what it is like to be on muddy roads and “African downpour” of rain. Fun Fun!
In the evening, we took it easy and a bunch of us went to the market. It was a fun experience to exchange money (Ida and Rasmus took the responsibility for all of us) and Ida came out with a BIG thick stack of notes for 3 million shillings. Exciting we thought compared to Sweden. Now we are tired from all the dancing and all the new impressions we have taken in being here and soon going to sleep.

Tomorrow, it feels like everything kicks off properly after our preparations. Please keep us in your prayers and pray for the people we will meet & pray for so we will be sensitive to God’s voice and directions. Do not miss tomorrow’s post, and thanks for being there!

Blog entry no 2 – Samuel

Kampala 22:14 o’clock

My name is Samuel and I attend IBIOS Bible School at City Church and I am on a mission trip in Kampala.

After a long journey with some unexpected delays we were all very tired on Saturday night. We went to bed early at our lovely hotel after a lovely buffet dinner . We were wonderfully welcomed by everyone here from the time we were met at the airport, the hotel and the church. Everyone is very friendly! We started the day quietly with breakfast at the hotel before we took the bus to the Sunday worship service meeting in Kampala City Church (CCK). We have a big bus where all 19 of us can fit in together with our bus driver, Samuel, who drive us safe and secure everywhere. Church services are held in a tent in Butabika, which is situated outside of Kampala where we will do our mission work during the week’s conference called Love Encounter. When we arrived we were met by people from the church and especially a lot of children. They were shy at first, but it quickly turned to the exact opposite, and several of us played with them before the service began.

In many ways it was the service like church services we have CKS in Stockholm. Pastor Carol led worship with a full band and P.Wilberforce preached. It became a bit of a testimony service after a young man in his 20s came up to share. He had grown up in a Christian home but for various reasons had lived a hard life with many problems outside the church for a few years. Today he responded to P. Wilberforce’s invitation and came back and was open in front of the entire congregation about his life and how he now returns to Jesus again. His testimony was strong and added to one of the many things that felt very “unswedish”. A woman was delivered from the spirit of poverty and made a new start in life. It was obvious how God presence in our midst.

After a short lunch break at the hotel we went to Kyambogo University to attend a meeting called Worship Experience, but when we arrived at the chapel, there was already a church service was going on. We went in and were asked to sit in the front row of the meeting. After a great time of worship and of a little over 1 hour’s sermon Daniel pulls us all out to inform us that we were at the wrong meeting. Shortly thereafter began the right meeting! Worship Experience, and everyone in the class agree that it was a great experience. The meeting lasted about three hours and the worship team never went down during the entire time. The worship was something that touched me at all the meetings we were at. We have been praising God with all our might, in dancing, clapping, loud voices, not least to mention perseverance! After about one and a half hour of worship (they have no clocks on the wall as in Sweden) P. Wilberforce went up and led worship in a moment of prayer and deliverance. We bible school students were involved in the prayer team, and we prayed for those who came forward in response to P.Wilberforces invitations. Over 10 people came forward and received Jesus as their saviour. P. Wilberforce gave several different invitations and more people came up and were delivered from demonic oppression. We celebrated with even more dance to including ”Dance in the Holy Ghost” before the meeting was rounded off by ten o’clock.

Now I am sitting in our bus on the way home to eat dinner with the class. It is high-spirited atmosphere and the smell of sweat after all the dancing and a long hot day, but no one is bothered about it. Tonight I will sleep well, grateful to God for His goodness, for my classmates and for everything else awesome to get to see and experience here! Tomorrow awaits teambuilding with the team from the CCK and – Alma will be writing next, so do not miss it! ”

Blog entry no 1 – Daniel

We are now here and full of anticipation

Prenumerera på CKS Nyhetsbrev

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