The Bible encourages us to be givers. We want to be a church that honours God with all our gifts, talents and finances.

Our prayer is that our giving into the house of God; be it a tenth of our income, offering or seed, that it shall be blessed and bless the church, the people that are in need and our city. We see it as a privilege to be able to bless our community.

Should you feel that you want to give to CCI or partner with any of our conferences such as IBC, you can easily do so during our Sunday services, alternatively via Bankgiro: 5302-0723 or you can Swish via the Swish App to the Swish number: 123 003 8521 and indicate ”CCI” or ”IBC Partner”.

We pray, ”May your barns be filled with plenty and thy vats overflow with new wine” as you give and partner with us.

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